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Solar Energy



In many places around the world you hear the phrase ”It’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk”.

But we don’t. 

Instead we burn fuels to cook our meals.  We cut down trees, or use fossil fuels, both of which have negative impact on the the environment.

Indeed, the situation is so daft that in some parts of the world women walk miles each day, taking all kinds of risks just to forage for firewood.  And leave scorched earth behind them - literally.

In next 20 years the world demand for energy will increase by 45%.  Time to think it out again. 




Over the last 10 years I have mucked about with solar cooking experiments.  I wish I hade more time and resources for this.  Why solar cooking and not the whole solar thing?  

Solar cooking is an area were simple solutions could bring big results;  "Low hanging fruit" in management speak.

My experimentation time is limited to the short period of British Summer when the sun actually breaks through.  This is rather frustrating.

And being based in England it is difficult to enthuse others in this quest, since the main benefit of such technology would be elsewhere in the world (same as WIG!). 

This is not rocket science, but applied science.

Solar reflectors for cooking can be made big, cheap and long lasting.  They require no infrastructure.  If we really had a collective social conscious we'd have perfected this technology a long time ago and be banging these out by the thousand.

Every home between 50 degrees north to 30 degrees south should have one, even just for summer use.  And/or perhaps we would set up solar bakeries to serve local regions.  It would impact social change for sure - we would cook our main meal of the day when the sun shines, not in the evening.  This would change family life a bit.  But maybe it is time to get our heads around a new paradigm. 


Let me share some photos of my experimental reflectors - not advanced technology, just parabolas of aluminium foil on hardboard. 

When I get the chance I'll build something much bigger & better, with better reflective foil. 

Let it be known that I am keen to help champion commercialisation and roll out of solar cooking around the world. 



Photos to follow 



Image courtesy of http://www.maniacworld.com/holding-the-sun-montage.html